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Philosophy: On Developing Resilience

I have always observed movement with an intense curiosity and a singular focus. I began
formal dance training at the age of 9 in the post-modern era in which ideas for dance came
from the desire to express a clear abstract kinetic experience.

My formal dance training included the techniques of Graham, Cunningham and Ballet and
yet I was intensely curious about eastern thought and everyday pedestrian movement.
My studies began to challenge my acceptance that the physical body is a solid entity and
that time is a linear reality. The stage became a place where I could explore the concept of
energetics and the physical body as a bridge to a spiritual and responsive experience.
It is through my early work in the theater that I began to appreciate that each individual
sees their own physical paradigm unique to themselves investing it with personal meaning.

As a clinician, I am in an extraordinary position of recognizing an individual’s personal
point of understanding and their potential for change. It is with this unique vantage point
that I design images and movement lessons which explore energy, intention, consciousness,
and the universal nature of ordinary functional activities

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