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GYROTONIC® Applications of the Fascial Body:

Holding space, observing connectivity, recapturing resonance, recoiling energy, fascinating histology & expansive bio-mechanics! An interactive course on fascia & the Gyrotonic Method.

This intensive workshop gives teachers the means to deepen their knowledge about the interaction between the


GYROTONIC® Methods vocabulary and fascial training. In a supportive group setting, workshop participants hone their vocabulary and evaluation skills. You'll learn to identify fundamental fascial patterns through structured assessments of the human body, including anatomy, biomechanics and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation principles. You'll also learn to pinpoint physical efforts, increase training selections as well as build upon concepts you've already used in your classes.


Contact me at www.irenerampino.com for:
GYROTONIC® Applications for the Fascial Body reference list and reading suggestions.
Teaching Schedule

GYROTONIC®  Specialized Equipment: Leg Extension Unit

Date: May 26- June 1, 2022

Studio Information: Creating the Space ~ Transitions Training 

10 Marshfield Ave, Humarock, MA 02047


GYROTONIC®  Applications of the Fascial Body

Date: June 3-5,2022

Body Evolutions: Eastside

266 East 10th St.



GYROTONIC®  Specialized Equipment: Leg Extension Unit

Date: June 28 to July 3, 2022

GYROTONIC Coconut Groove

 3160 Matilda ST., Miami, FL 33133

Melanie Rinaldi 

Arch and Curl Center: Seoul, South Korea

Date A: August 3-5, 2022GYROTONIC®  Applications of the Fascial Body: 

Date B: August 6-8, 2022 GYROTONIC®  Applications of the Fascial Body: 

Date C: August 10-12,2022: GYOKINESIS Level 1 Supervised Apprentice Review

Date D: August 13-15, 2022GYROTONIC®  Applications of the Fascial Body:

Date E: GYROTONIC®  Specialized Equipment: Leg Extension Unit

Date: August 17-22, 2022


Studio Information: 

Arch and Curl Center



ChungDam-Dong 6BaekYoung Building 4th Floor,

GangNam-guSeoul 06062