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Teacher Workshops

Irene develops exploratory, process-oriented workshops to help teachers fine-tune their understanding of somatic patterns, complex movements, and rehabilitation vocabularies. These intensive workshops give teachers the means to deepen their knowledge about the mind-body puzzles they observe in the classroom. In taking a workshop with Irene, you'll obtain the insight to forge new connections between your students' physical and conceptual bodies.

Workshop participants hone their vocabulary and evaluation skills in a supportive group setting. You'll learn to identify what underlying patterns present issues for your students through structured assessments of the human body, including anatomy and biomechanics. You'll also learn to pinpoint physical efforts and energetic patterns. Gain greater comfort in teaching through metaphors and themes, as well as building upon concepts you've already used in your classes.

Mind-Body Workshops for Movement Educators

Sample Mind-Body Workshops

• Active Assisted Stretching and the Application of Contract/Relax Patterning
• Human Anatomy in Context to Biomechanics
Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation
• Spine Stabilization: A Hierarchy of Approach
• Neural Tension in the Upper and Lower Quadrant: What it Means
• Improving Dynamic Alignment through Imagery
• The 
• Upper Quadrant Alignment with Emphasis on the Shoulder Girdle
• Effort-Shape and the Use of Metaphor in Teaching Motor Patterns
• Developing the Creative in You: An Improvisational Workshop Series
• Energy Systems: An Overview

GYROTONIC® Applications of the Fascia Body


Ready to refine your teaching artistry? 
to discuss hosting a workshop at your Yoga, Pilates, GYROTONIC®, or fitness studio.

"Irene Rampino is an amazing teacher and mentor. Her hands-on approach helped me learn in ways that still impact my own skill of instruction. I am so very grateful for her generosity and lesson!" - Rebecca Bartlett, PT, DPT Physical Therapist & Pilates Certified Instructor

“You are an insightful, motivational instructor with a thirst for knowledge. I always admired your ability to combine different movement philosophies to fit each individual's needs.” ~ Jill  Mauck, GYROTONIC®  & Pilates Certified Instructor
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