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See Methodologies for detailed descriptions of the techniques Irene employs. All sessions
are private and individualized. Please note that Irene does not accept insurance.

Holistic Therapeutics and Mind-Body Education

Irene serves people of all ages and physical abilities, including those with functional limitations and chronic spine conditions. Your first session with Irene begins with a conversation about your overall concerns and goals. She offers objective testing that includes manual muscle testing, active range of motion, and postural assessment. This physical evaluation helps her establish the hypothesis from which to tailor exercise protocols for your body’s needs. From there, you and Irene will determine an appropriate therapeutics plan that includes regular exercise. 

Your follow-up sessions with Irene will integrate lessons in strength-building, increasing kinesthetic awareness, and re-educating motor patterns. She uses state of the art equipment designed to retrain spinal mechanics, strengthen core trunk muscles, and align postural imbalances. Whatever your immediate milestones may be, Irene will over time help you obtain an expanding and positive relationship with your body.

“I have achieved physical and perhaps emotional strength under Irene’s long-term
tutelage that I would never have achieved under the guidance of any other instructor. Her
qualities are extraordinary.” ~ Kathleen Carmouche, Attorney

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