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  • Irene Rampino

Narrowing the Pelvis as Cellular Resonance

“Imagination is quick. The body follows slower. Understanding the laws of physics, leverage, gravity and velocity in combination with the individual physical makeup is of critical importance.” Juliu Hovath

As I walk into the theater and sit in my assigned burgundy plush chair, I take in the over whelming beauty of my surroundings. I exhale and lean back, my eyes gaze at golden rays of light, powder blue angels and the singular haloed space of the stage.

The orchestra begins to tune its separate instruments and I sense the vibration passing over me. There is a chaos to it, each musician clearly listening and adjusting their individual contribution. Then, as if all at once everything falls silent and we applaud the conductor’s entrance. We, as the audience become ready, we sit up, we pay attention and there it is the first few chords of resonating music.

In the natural world, the phenomenon of resonance is generated by vibrations which occur in a repetitive manner and manifest as a wave forms. When a periodic force is applied in harmony to the system, the system will begin to oscillate at higher amplitude.

In practicing narrowing of the pelvis, I sit down and offer a rhythmic periodic force to my legs which I coordinate with my breath. I sense my present potential, my capacity to change, I acknowledge my energy and I practice.

Then as if all at once, I begin to sense resonance, an oscillation from with-in. I return over and over to narrowing the pelvis, to tuning up my life-force and I begin to move. Encouraging a creative experience and restraining any tendency towards analysis and measuring. I intend to see my embodiment as a whole not look directly at individual parts.

My reflection over the 20 years I have been practicing the GXS® methodology, is an ability to access multiple frequencies at the same time. It’s as if I had the ability to listen to multiple radio stations in multiple languages all at the same time. A synchronicity of time and space occurs.

Trust me, this can become a little overwhelming at times, but the music of the symphony also moves me to epic highs and lows. It is with-in these personal moments of practice that I feel I am truly alive in a beautiful, creative world.

Irene Rampino

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