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Irene's services for individuals and workshops for movement teachers get great reviews.

“Irene has always personalized my care and that of all her other students. She cares deeply for everyone in her charge.”

~ Richard L. Robin MD

“Under Irene's mentorship I have reached a higher level of excellence as a performer, artist, teacher and mover.”

~ Bethany McCullough, Choreographer

“You are an insightful, motivational instructor with a thirst for knowledge. I always admired your ability to combine different movement philosophies to fit each individual's needs.”

~ Jill Mauck, Yogi, Gyrotonic & Pilates Certified Instructor

Holistic Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Clients

"Irene Rampino is an amazing teacher and mentor. Her hands-on approach helped me learn in ways that still impact my own skill of instruction. I am so very grateful for her generosity and lesson!"

- Rebecca Bartlett, PT, DPT Physical Therapist & Pilates Certified Instructor

“As an experienced dance professional, Irene possesses a unique understanding of the body and how movement is applied in dance training. This knowledge, coupled with her experience in Gyrotonic and physical therapy, makes her an invaluable resource for me as a dance educator.”

~ Micaela Coner, Co-owner and Teacher, the Coda Dance Studio

“I have achieved physical and perhaps emotional strength under Irene’s long-term tutelage that I would never have achieved under the guidance of any other instructor. Her qualities are extraordinary.”

~ Kathleen Carmouche, Attorney

Teachers Who Participated in Training Workshops

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